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Digital Marketing Trends
in 2020

Latest trends in Digital marketing in 2020

Technology has become the cornerstone of any business in the modern times. Every business has to step up towards the technology or will loose the edge towards the competitors now or in the near future.With internet in the pockets of the consumers, it is more easy for the brands to reach them and speak in the language they understand better.

Some of the digital marketing trends for 2020 we should watch out for:


Chatbots are the software programs that will interact with the website visitors as soon as they land in. They could be highly effective in answering the queries immediately in realtime. Programs are always faster than human and save cost for the company & time for the visitors or the customers.

Push Notification

Consumers will always be happy to see a relevant communication when they landed into a website or application. Studies have shown that notifications have 30 times conversion rate over email. Best part is that web push notifications appear similar to native mobile push on many smartphones even if users don't have an app. Also, it helps converting visitors into subscribers.

Private messaging apps

The usage of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat has literally replaced the short messaging service provided by the telecom service provider after the evolution of smartphones across the globe including the sub urban and rural locations. Major brands are already experimenting their promotions in messaging apps and with the advent of the payment gateway in it will further enhance the opportunities for the brands and companies in pushing their product offering and close the sale.


Every customer would like to hear only the information that is relevant for them. Starting with the customers name in all the communications and using the user data collected from list segments, surveys, or studies, brands will be in a better positioned to create more relevant and effective email campaigns towards targeted audiences based on their buying habits, interests, and behaviors.

Power of Artificial intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has been widely used in the digital world for quite some time now. All the big companies are collecting data about their customers as well as their prospects to analyse their relevant information and enhance it for marketing and selling their products and services. In fact, the more the data volume, higher the need for AI/ML to process information, identify patterns, understanding the marketing trends and making recommendations. In short, the AI helps in the digital marketing in reaching the consumers with their precise needs and interests.

Usage of Marketing Automation

Automation is the key phenomena in the technologically enhanced world and marketing is no exception. All the big brands and companies have started using the tools and are relatively successful in utilising the data to reach the customers effectively in all the digital touch points. AI and ML are integrated part of any marketing automation software and is helping the marketers to create the lead scoring, persona insights, customer segmentation, etc. Also, streamlines the data consumption and enhance activities across all digital marketing channels.

Voice enabled search & automation:

Consumers have already started using the voice enabled devices and programs such as Alexa, Google Home, etc for searching in internet space as well as connecting their electronic devices like music system, Air conditioner, Television. The usage will increase more in the coming years and would be a better platform to experiment the promotions and create new experience for the potential customers.

And Some More:

  • WhatsApp Chatbots
  • Podcasts
  • LinkedIn organic reach
  • LinkedIn ads will get cheaper and will get adapted by more marketers.
  • Tiktok to get more scope with influencer marketing.
  • Regional Language content.
  • Educational courses in Hindi.
  • Instagram stories.
  • Ads on whatsapp status
  • Businesses will form communities on FB Groups.
  • Facebook Messenger will evolve towards permission based marketing instead of spamming.
  • Digital PR – Names, not necessarily links, being searched will have more SEO weight.
  • Blog post integrated with Video and more importantly voice/podcast content.
  • Google My Business will try to become the primary website for smaller companies.
  • Augmented Reality will be adopted more by larger companies for marketing.
  • Building relationships with influencers and collaborating with them more closely.
  • Instagram Live.
  • Digital Detox.
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